Gift: Gratitude

I know it’s a dying formality, but I have deep respect for the thank you note. Not because I expect them from other people (although it’s always a nice surprise), but I actually enjoy writing them. I love hunting for beautiful note cards and taking a few minutes to express gratitude to those who have extended kindness towards me. People should know that they are appreciated.

My mom impressed this practice upon me (along with probably 75% of the things covered on this site). My sisters and I fought writing them, being banished to our bedrooms left to procrastinate and complain, but not to be allowed out until we’d written all of our thank you notes. And you know what, we all still write and send them today without anyone needing to ground us.

The start of the new year is a good time to acknowledge thanks––for Christmas gifts, to clients for keeping us employed, to family and friends or just because.

Here’s some incentive:

A little something for the dreamers, fine stationery with a unicorn motif from Sesame Letterpress.

Greenwich Letterpress can help with all your special shout outs.

I do love a monogram. Paper Source has updated takes on the classics.

If you’re feeling pressed for time you can always dash off a quick note on Ideachic‘s vintage inspired bicycle postcards.

Say it with flowers––Gold Flower thank you cads from Rifle Paper Co.




5 thoughts on “Gift: Gratitude

  1. GREAT post Laura! I am in the process of working on a blog post about my “word for the year” to focus on and Gratitude is the word I chose. This post is a wonderful reminder for us all to take time to show gratitude and get creative with it. Love it!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring one of our ‘thank you’ notes, the vintage inspired bicycle postcards. There has always been the paper lover, but more people are realizing hand-writing thank you notes for so many occasions is a remarkable way to stand out today. From job seekers to thanking customers as you point out.

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