Wander: Off-Season

I know that right about now I should be booking a trip to Mexico like most reasonable people in northern climates, but I’d prefer a blustery walk on a nearly-vacant beach in, say, Maine. I’m not opposed to sunny, tropical spots, but the off-season is one of my favorite times to explore a place. Sure, you need a few more layers, but the perks include expanded vistas through bare trees, prime tables at restaurants (the ones that stay open anyway), and, usually, good deals on lodging.

We visited Nantucket just before Thanksgiving where we had our pick of seats on the ferry ride over. We were able to snag coveted stools at the island’s outstanding brewery/distillery/winery, Cisco Brewers, otherwise mobbed in summer.We shopped (crowd-free) for the fresh Nantucket bay scallops at Sayle’s Seafood and local greens at Bartlett’s Farm market for dinner one night. And there was zero wait for lunch by the fire at The Brotherhood of Thieves. We even got in on a local happening––the Nantucket Whalers vs. Martha Vineyard Vineyarders homecoming football game. And really, who couldn’t use more whale themed floats and parades in their life?



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