Gift: Cheers

I recently brought a set of cloth cocktail napkins to a friend in her new home. They were a hit, especially since her napkins were hiding out in a moving box. Useful, but slightly indulgent too since it’s not something you might splurge on for yourself––which is always the mark of a good gift.

Beyond a housewarming, fancy(ish) cocktail napkins are perfect for any holiday glass-clinking occasion.

I like the random pattern assortment of these cotton squares stitched by Sarah Keack of Yellow Bird Designs.

Cloth Cocktail Napkins, Yellow Bird Designs

Toronto based designer Avril Loreti imparts secret messages with five themes: wisest words, future, travel, success, dreams. Kinda perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

Fortune Cookie Napkins, Avril Loreti

Simple and elegant in white and red from CB2. Embellish with a monogram or embroidery.

Restaurant Cocktail Napkin, CB2

Bright linen block-printed napkins by Blake Kahan of Willow Ship are almost too pretty to use. Or give away.

Strobe Design, Willow Ship


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