Create: Jar Muffins…or Cookies…or Bread

I realize that this is one of several posts involving a Mason jar, but they are so darn useful. Perhaps ‘put it in a Mason jar’ is to Brooklyn what ‘put a bird on it’ is to Portland. Either way, here’s yet another treat to put in a Mason jar––jar muffins…or cookies…or bread.

This simple gift is one I’ve assembled for the sweetest twins around and my niece. It’s fun for kids who are interested in baking, and my brother-in-law claims it was a delicious activity for my niece.

Start with any simple recipe for cookies, muffins or a savory bread. Layer the dry ingredients in the jar, and package any extras like raisins or chocolate chips separately. I leave out any wet ingredients like eggs, butter and vanilla which most people have on hand. Then I include a hand written recipe card that they can file away. Package it all up in a brown paper lunch sack and you have the perfect birthday/Valentine’s/rainy day gift.


One thought on “Create: Jar Muffins…or Cookies…or Bread

  1. Yes! Works for pancake mix, too. My sister-in-law did that for me years ago with a great buckwheat pancake mix in a super cool cobalt blue mason jar. I cherish both the recipe and the jar to this day.