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One of my favorite things about the new year is the package that my best pal sends with the latest calendar from Nikki McClure. Yes, I’m aware that this is the electronic age, but I’ll take my address book, hand scribbled to-do lists and Moleskine date book over any electronic devise designed to keep me organized.

More than just a way to mark the days, McClure’s meticulous papercut images and sincere thoughts help shape intentions for the month, or just the moment. Not too long ago we measured, counted out days and consulted charts in the hopes of a baby. McClure’s graceful calendar that year helped ease the disappointments and mark the tiny victories that are inevitably part of the journey to pregnancy. And, when I was successfully pregnant after many a flip of the page, this image appeared:

You just never know what the next month will bring. So, in defiance of the Mayans and their gloomy predictions, I encourage all to pick up something lovely to mark the coming days as a gift to yourself or others.

A few more ideas….

Screen printed desk calendar fromCurious Doodles.

Linda & Harriet‘s sublime letterpress calendar doubles as postcards.

Find a place on the wall for this retro print poster from yumalum.

Discover an intriguing new Polaroid a every day with the Poladarium tear-off calendar.


3 thoughts on “Gift: Calendar

  1. First of all, Laura, congrats on your successful pregnancy! I am sure that by now you know that journey was just the beginning of an even more amazing one.

    Anyway, I too am a sucker for conventional calendars (and have saved numerous expired Nikki McClure pages because they are so fetching). In recent years I have been gifting teachers with these little letterpress gems by a late Michigan artist. At just $6.50 each they are a steal:

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