Create: Winter Bird Feeders

Materials: twine, pine cones, bird seed, peanut butter

Every year my sister and her husband have a Winter Solstice party which has now become its own mini-holiday. Like other holidays, it involves traditions and rituals. Made up ones, but still, it all comes off as legit and even meaningful. Each year we know there will be mulled wine bubbling on the stove, sugar cookies decorated with pentagram symbols and the bird feeder craft table.

We slather the pine cones with peanut butter, roll them in bird seed and leave them to set while we drink wine. Once we’ve all made a bird feeder, we head to a nearby park (one year in full candlelight procession) on the East River to hang our sticky offerings to Mother Nature (and the pigeons) on the spindly trees. Everyone is also given an evergreen bough which they wish on and fling out into the dark water. Then we march over to the local bar and continue the party.

Weird, right? But no stranger than decorating a once living tree with fragile ornaments or putting cookies out for a fictitious guy in a red suit. Not just for Winter Solstice, making bird feeders is a diversion for any winter afternoon, especially with kids. The materials are easy to find and would make a cool little gift too.

Happy Winter Solstice! Here’s to longer, brighter days ahead.

Click on the images for the easy step-by-step instructions.



2 thoughts on “Create: Winter Bird Feeders

  1. i love that susie does this. there must have been something in the trees on brierhill. and it must have rained down thickly on all of us. i want to adopt this tradition. merry new year, happy long dark night. xoxox

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