Gift: Buy Local

My sister, Susie, packaged up the most thoughtful assortment of east coast treats in a simple brown paper lunch sack as a Christmas hostess gift this year. It was the sweetest modern day general store goody bag.

She included local favorites like a gorgeously wrapped Mast Brothers Chocolate bar and old-timey Brooklyn Hard Candy, both made in New York. Plus, the creamy (and super addictive) goat milk caramels from Big Picture Farm. You can even follow the goats who supply the milk online, like Fern and Gertrude, of this Willy Wonka gone locavore farm and confectionery in Vermont. Talk about knowing your source.

Local treats are an excellent theme for a gift for all sorts of occasions, especially if visiting someone out of town. It doesn’t need to be much either––a candy bar, jar of pickles, bottle of hot sauce––is all it takes to transport a little taste of your home to theirs.